EPL Sustainability Table 2019

For the first time, Sport Positive has systematically collated key environmental sustainability information for every Premier League football club into a table matrix.

The categories reflect the environmental impacts of putting on a football match, and initiatives that are under way at clubs, put together in an easy and digestible format.

The results show that clubs have increasing ambition, with every club having an active initiative on reducing single use plastic and supporting sustainable transport options for fans. 17 of the 20 clubs have vegan food options available on stadium concourses, and 16 clubs have water efficiency strategies in place.

All of the clubs are on a journey and have plans or the desire to do more. So keep checking back for updates on your clubs progress. We are #sportpositive.

Please scroll down for complete information on initiatives per category, and click through links to even more information. This is not currently optimised for mobile, and is best viewed on desktop. To see the top line information on mobile devices, please click here.

Information correct as of 30th June 2020, 2.41pm. To provide updated information for the table, please contact: [email protected] 

English Premier League Sustainability Table

wdt_ID Club Clean Energy Energy Efficiency Sustainable Transport Single Use Plastic Reduction or Removal Waste Management Water Efficiency Plant-based/Low-carbon Food Comms & Engagement on Sustainability Total More Info
1 = 1. Arsenal (8/8) ✓ Switched to renewable electricity in 2017, led to a saving of 7m kilograms of CO2 enough to fill Emirates Stadium more than 3.9 times ✓ LED floodlights, LED & automated lighting in back of house and toilets, restricted use of heating, ventilation & air conditioning, energy metering across all sites, A 3Mw battery installation ✓ London Underground, train, buses and cycling advocated. Supporters are strongly advised not to drive to Emirates Stadium ✓ Cup deposit scheme in place. Paper straws and wooden stirrers have replaced the plastic ones, paper cups phased out in administration offices, reusable plastic cups replacing them ✓ Averaging 90% matchday waste recycling rate with glass, food, cardboard, plastic, paper, metal and grass all being recycled, food and grass goes to compost ✓ A pitch water recycling system was installed at training ground to re-use irrigation water. Waterless urinals have been fitted around the entire stadium. Run times have been minimised on push taps ✓ SRA approved restaurant, multiple vegan options now available on the concourse including Dirty Beets burger, Three bean Mexican wrap, Sticky Korean glazed vegetable, Veggie Chilli Cheese Fries ✓ Has environmental policy and sustainability page on website. Communicated by the board to staff and fans. News articles on club news and through third parties 8 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-arsenal/
2 = 1. Manchester City(8/8) ✓ Air source heat pumps installed ✓ Combined heat & power systems, tri-generation systems & absorption chillers export electricity internally & externally to the grid, LED lighting has reduced stadium energy use by nearly 1 million kWh, City Football Academy Gold LEED certified ✓ Advocates walking, cycling, buses. Trialled car-share scheme, 120 cycle parking spaces and electric charging points across the campus ✓ At Etihad Stadium reusable beer cup scheme has introduced, removing 29k single use plastic cups each matchday. Plastic straws, sauce sachets & cutlery removed. Single use plastic removed from Academy building that houses youth team players & staff ✓ Zero waste sent to landfill via recycling, reuse and managed waste system ✓ Water recycling systems in place to use rainwater and rainwater is harvested, 83% reduction in mains sourced water from the Club’s training ground, City Football Academy, in 2018 ✓ Vegan burgers, pasties and Loaded Corn available stadium wide. Working to reduce the amount of food miles and increase the number of local producers ✓ Dedicated section in Club’s Annual Report, no sustainability or environment page on website. Stories covered in club news articles, social media, across Club match days, and third parties. Part of Show the Love campaign 8 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-manchestercity/
3 = 1. Manchester United (8/8) ✓ Policy to purchase certified green electricity for all buildings within the portfolio, A renewable energy onsite generation full review has been undertaken ✓ Certified to the Carbon Trust Standard for carbon and maintained over last 10 years. Manchester United Energy & Carbon Reduction Programme has achieved a 31% reduction in energy use ✓ Advocates public transport and cycling. Cycle to Work scheme for staff to reduce and spread the cost of purchasing a bike and accessories. ✓ All single-use plastics at concourse condiment stations replaced with wooden forks, stirrers & paper straws, reduction in plastic packaging in retail Megastore. 2019 environmental objectives focus on SUP reduction across the club ✓ Zero waste to landfill, non-recyclables are used for energy, waste food is composted, ‘Reds Go Green’ is focused on waste and recycling ✓ Rainwater collected at Old Trafford and used for irrigation, dirty water recycled and used for irrigation at Carringdon and a borehole helps to maintain self sufficiency. Club monitors & reports on water use ✓ Vegan option - spicy potato and cauliflower pie - available around the stadium and vegan menu is available in all hospitality suites. ✓ Environment and Sustainability page on the website. Dedicated internal website for staff where all environmental policies and initiatives are promoted 8 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-manchesterunitedfc/
4 = 1. Tottenham Hotspur(8/8) ✓ At training facility 10% of energy is produced on site through some form of renewable source such as the 75m2 solar array on the main building roof and the air-source heat pumps ✓ LED lighting (inc. floodlights) & high-efficiency building services systems in place, intelligent controls, attenuation water tanks & green roofs on Tottenham Experience ✓ Stadium promoted as ‘Public Transport Destination’, shuttle bus links, better pedestrian connections, regular transport updates. Driving not advised. ✓ Eliminated plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery & all plastic disposable packaging that accompanies these items. Trialling reusable beer cup scheme. Bags for life provided to season ticket holders. New stadium tenders require cuts to SUP ✓ Dry Mixed Recycling bins located throughout stadium concourse, with fan instruction on correct use. Full site waste-management plan developed fo Training Centre ✓ Waterless urinals & low-flow fittings and fixtures at Stadium. At training centre, a sedum ‘green roof’ to enable capture & re-harvest rainwater. Drainage & extraction system inc. attenuation pond & two onsite boreholes that extract water ✓ Vegan options in general admission areas - beetroot burger, hot jackfruit sandwich, Tofu Katsu curry, beer battered tofu - and locally sourced food. Plans for beehives on office roof ✓ 'To Care is To Do Page' on website - outlines environmental sustainability policies, information in club news, social media, match day programmes & third party websites 8 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-spurs/
5 = 2. Brighton and Hove Albion (7.5/8) ✓ Solar panels on training ground rooftop. New electricity contract commencing in 2019 is a green electricity provider ✓ Stadium is BREEAM certified 'very good' ✓ Free bus & rail travel offered to all fans within free travel zone. Public transport, walking and cycling advocated. Stadium has covered & secure cycle parking close by ✓ Eliminated plastic straws, stirrers & cutlery from 2018/19 season, removed plastic carrier bags from club shop, triallling paper cups for match days & at design stage for full roll out, exploring removal of other SUP ✓ Zero waste to landfill, food waste supplied to Real Junk Food Company of Brighton and various donations to other local food banks from our matchday catering operation ✓ Waterless urinals on all public concourses, stadium water operation linked to lighting activation so doesn’t run 24/7 in some areas ✓ Vegan & vegetarian options available across the concourse on match days, increased plant-based foods by 20% across retail areas, support local food suppliers - No sustainability or environment page, some information available on club's news articles and through third party websites 7.5 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-brighton/
6 = 2. Newcastle United (7.5/8) ✓ Solar generation installed at training park and combined heat and power (CHP) ✓ Energy management plan in place for all 3 sites, optimising boilers (22% efficiency improvement) & replacing lights with LED, 390t CO2 saving from CHP unit, remote sensing lights ✓ No unreserved parking is available, advocates public transport, cycling and park and ride ✓ Wooden cutlery, all food packaging is plastic free, 48,000 bottles to be eliminated from training ground and Academy ✓ NUFC have implemented mixed recycling throughout the stadium ✓ Water recycling systems in place and water sourced from borehole at training grounds ✓ Vegan options available across concourse; thai red curry vegan pasty, tomato soup, chips - No sustainability or environment page on website, some information communicated through club news, information available through third party websites 7.5 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-newcastleunited/
7 = 2. West Ham (7.5/8) **Do Not Own London Stadium ✓ Electricity provider is from 100% renewable resource ✓ London Stadium has decentralised energy system, and was built for 2012 Olympics very efficiently ✓ No parking available, public transport advocated ✓ Plastic straws, stirrers & cutlery removed from operations & 9 water fountains installed across London Stadium to encourage refill. Trialling reusable cup, part of #passonplastic ✓ Operates zero-waste-to-landfill status, sending all plastic, cardboard, wood, paper, aluminium, pallets and ink cartridges for recycling & all food waste to anaerobic digester ✓ 95% of Stadiums urinals are waterless, all podium toilets & landscape irrigation supplied by reclaimed water. Sinks have sensor activated taps or percussion cap taps ✓ Vegan burgers and pies available - No sustainability or environmental page on website, some information communicated in club news and through third party websites as stadium being owned by LLDC 7.5 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-westhamunited/
8 = 3. Aston Villa (7/8) - In 2013 the club identified its carbon emissions & offset them completely with carbon credits purchased from renewable energy projects around the world ✓ Over half stadium has LED lights, building management system in place, decreased consumption in heating, lighting & electrical equipment remotely controlled ✓ Structured travel plan in place to reduce the number of cars going to stadium. Staff are encouraged to car share where possible ✓ Single use plastic sachets removed, wooden forks & stirrers, paper straws & recyclable napkins. Recyclable food containers from sustainable sources. Reusable beer cups looking to be trialled later in 19/20 season ✓ Comprehensive waste management programme in place. Latest recycling bins invested in for Villa park and BMH. ✓ Rainwater-collection system on the roof of the stadium’s Holte End section, provides water for irrigation around the facility & at a nearby garden; water-saving fixtures around the venue ✓ Vegan hot dogs and curries on concourses. 85% of food sourced locally from surrounding of 5 counties, awarded Green Restaurant Award. - No environment or sustainability page but some information available on other pages of website, in club news and through third party websites 7 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-astonvilla/
9 = 3. Everton (7/8) ✓ Portion of energy purchased includes renewable energy from off-shore wind farms ✓ LED lighting in hospitality areas, pitch perimeter boards and all upgrades since 2011, lighting motion sensors wherever possible ✓ Stadium accessible by public transport and coaches organised, cycle to work scheme for staff, offer public transport pass loans to staff based in the Royal Liver Building, an incentive scheme to encourage car sharing ✓ At Goodison Park, wooden cutlery & paper straws provided, individual plastic packet condiments eliminated, water stations at all sites ✓ Recycle 90% of waste, waste management plan in place & waste separated at source, food waste used for anaerobic digestion, organic waste composted, battery recycling points ✓ All urinals within the stadium are waterless, those in the corporate areas controlled by proximity sensors X No information found/provided ✓ Environmental awareness campaign 'Everton for Change.' No environment/ sustainability page on website, some information available on club's news articles and through third party websites. New stadium plans include sustainability & environmental focus 7 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-evertonfc/
10 = 3. Liverpool (7/8) X No information found/provided ✓ LED lighting, smart meters & energy efficient hand driers installed at Anfield, plan to develop energy management systems at all sites, 3 year target to bring electricity consumption below CRC threshold ✓ Public transport advocated, free cycle hub, walking routes advised, casual match day staff receive free bus travel to and from work each matchday. Plans to develop wider transport sustainability plan ✓ Reusable cup scheme. Removed plastic straws & single use plastic food packaging (compostable palm leaf & maize trays used), where possible water cans rather than plastic bottles are sold, no polystyrene boxes from fish supplier ✓ 99% Avoids landfill, RgG target 15% reduction in waste & 20% increase in recycling annually, food waste recycled in anaerobic digester, cooking oil recycled into renewable energy ✓ Waterless urinals, water reducing valves on concourses, kitchens & toilets, Save a Flush Bags on all toilets reducing flush by 1 litre each flush, water borehole at Academy to water the pitches ✓ Vegan options (Quorn partnership June 2020), all ingredients sourced from a 90 mile radius of Liverpool, fish sustainably source ✓ Reds Go Green campaign, won Liverpool Echo Carbon Champion Award for 2018 & 2014. No sustainability or environment page on website, but coverage in club news & through third party websites 7.5 https://www.sportpositivesummit.com/epl-sustainability-table-liverpoolfc/
wdt_ID Club Clean Energy Energy Efficiency Sustainable Transport Single Use Plastic Reduction or Removal Waste Management Water Efficiency Plant-based/Low-carbon Food Comms & Engagement on Sustainability Total More Info

A tick – indicates that the club has initiatives happening in their stadium, training areas and/or offices
A dash – indicates positive efforts are happening, plans are being developed but haven’t materialised fully or they don’t fit the full criteria of the category.
A cross – indicates we have been unable to find any reference to this activity through online research, on the club website or through third party news or suppliers. We acknowledge activities may be happening, that have never been publicised, and welcome clubs raising awareness of these by getting in touch to update their activity.
Ranking – Where clubs are active across an equal number of categories, they are then listed alphabetically

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