Our Partners

We appreciate and are proud to partner with these key organisations, to be able to bring you Sport Positive Summit 2020

Gold Partner

Touchline is an international communications agency specialising in sustainability, sport and reporting. Touchline works for a number of leading sports organisations, helping to shape their sustainability strategies and deliver their reports and communications. It is based in London, with offices in Dubai and Nyon and a new hub recently opened in Sydney. Touchline is also the publisher of The Sustainability Report, an independent source of intelligence and insight for sports professionals committed to enhancing the environmental, social and economic sustainability of their organisations.

To learn more, visit: www.touchline.com

Water Partner

Bluewater is a world leader in water purification technologies and solutions for residential, business and public use. The company harnesses patented, second-generation reverse osmosis technology to deliver ultra pure water cleansed of contaminants such as lead, pesticides, medical residues, and microplastics. Bluewater was founded in 2013 by Swedish environmental entrepreneur Bengt Rittri in the belief human ingenuity can help reverse the harm being caused to land and ocean environments by plastic waste and industrial and agricultural effluents. Sustainability and removing the need for single-use plastic bottles are at the core of Bluewater’s business mission.

To learn more, visit: www.bluewatergroup.com

Silver Partner

Planet Super League harnesses the global power of football to inspire fans to act on climate change. We are establishing a global competition where fans win points for taking part in fun, green challenges. The club with the greenest fans wins the Planet Super League Trophy. Planet Super League works on four pillars: Energy, food, transport and waste. These are four of the areas where individuals can make the most difference in tackling climate change.

To learn more, visit: www.planetsuperleague.com

planet super league

Supporting Partners

Ecobooth transform plastic waste into meaningful experiences for environmentally conscious brands.
We re-design and re-engineer reclaimed plastic into customer and visitor experiences at events, exhibitions, festivals and more. Since launching in September 2018 projects include transforming beach plastic into benches for schools, turning used credit cards into exhibition stands and rubber ducks into event signage. We are the world’s first design and production house dedicated exclusively to sustainable projects and we practice what we preach. We only work with recycled and sustainable materials, our HQ runs from renewable power, our UK logistics are carried out using electric vehicles, we are certified zero waste and a percentage of our profit goes towards cleaning the world’s oceans through our own community events and NGO partners.

To learn more, visit: Ecobooth.co.uk

The Office of the Commissioner, MLB Network and MLB Advanced Media all participate in a variety of sustainability efforts. Key initiatives include Green Team activations during MLB All-Star Week, front office volunteer efforts and those operated by MLB Clubs.

To learn more, visit: www.mlb.com/mlb-community/mlb-green

Innovation Zone Partner

Providing quality & innovation since 1910, OASIS is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable water dispensers. We offer a wide range of re-usable water bottle filling stations, water coolers & fountains, filters & chillers. Made with quality material, engineering and design. Eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency are at the core of all our products and technology.

To learn more, visit: www.oasis.ie

Climate Neutrality Partner

At South Pole, we work with businesses and governments across the globe. We help realise deep decarbonisation pathways across industries, based on a thorough understanding of climate risks and opportunities in specific sectors, as well as the highest emission reduction standards.

To learn more, visit: www.southpole.com