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Reports & Guidelines

wdt_ID Report Name Tag Line URL Published by: Focus Year Published Sports Relevant For
1 Guidelines on Environmental Management in Football Events Guidelines and templates for best environmental practice related to governance and operations of football Life Tackle A set of guidelines & templates related to the environmental management of football matches 2019 Football
2 Hit For Six Report The impact of climate change on cricket BASIS, University of Leeds, University of Portsmouth Documenting the impact of climate change on cricket, from batsman struggling in extreme heat to drought and flood affecting pitches, game needs to react say experts 2019 Cricket
3 Game Changer How climate change is impacting sports in the UK The Climate Coalition, Priestly International Centre for Climate This report reveals the impacts of extreme weather, but also showcases how sport is starting to play a part in tackling climate change by cutting emissions and by taking a lead, inspiring others to follow. 2018 Cricket, football (soccer), golf, winter sports
4 Playing for Our Planet How Sports Win From Being Sustainable UEFA, WWF, Green Sports Alliance How sport can contribute to sustainability and tackle climate change at all levels, from the grassroots to the elite. 2018 All sports
5 Mitigating biodiversity impacts of new sports venues Measures that can be taken to mitigate any negative impacts and adopting approaches that contribute to biodiversity conservation IUCN, International Olympic Committee in-depth guidance on how to integrate biodiversity considerations in the development of a new venue or a temporary facility, including five checklists covering all aspects from the early planning stage and site selection to the decommissioning 2019 Sports hosted in venues or stadiums
6 Introduction to Sustainability Sustainability Essentials: A series of practical guides for the Olympic movement IOC Aim to provide simple, practical and essential information on key aspects of sustainability for NOCs and IFs to be better able to navigate the complexities of this subject and develop effective sustainability programmes. 2018 All sports
7 Sports for Climate Action Sustainability Essentials: A Series of Practical Guides for the Olympic Movement IOC and UNFCCC Aims to provide the Olympic Movement with a general understanding of the issues related to climate change and managing carbon emissions. 2019 All sports
8 Sustainable Sourcing in Sport Sustainability Essentials: A Series of Practical Guides for the Olympic Movement IOC This guide intends to help organisations within the Olympic Movement and the wider sports sector adopt more sustainable sourcing practices. 2019 All sports
9 Compendium of Experiences CHARTERS OF 15 ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE COMMITMENTS French Ministry of Sport, WWF Charter of 15 Environmentally Responsible Commitments of Sporting Event Organisers sets ambitious, quantified targets. It confirms that en- vironmental responsibility is now at the heart of the specifications of international event organisers in France. 2019 All sports
10 Sport Ecology Group: Research Discover the latest research on the relationship between sport and the natural environment. Climate change, sustainability, and more Sport Ecology Group Our goal is to synthesize sport ecology research in one place, so researchers and practitioners have access to the latest information. Various All sports
Report Name Tag Line URL Published by: Focus Year Published Sports Relevant For

Associations and Alliances

wdt_ID Organisation URL Region Mission Statement Contact Email
1 British Association for Sustainable Sport (BASIS) United Kingdom Encourage. Educate. Influence [email protected]
2 Green Sports Alliance (GSA) North America and global Leveraging the cultural & market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live & play. [email protected]
3 Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) International Accelerating Sustainability In and Through Sport [email protected]
4 Green Sports Alliance Japan スポーツの叡智をすべての人に Japan 競技だけが、 スポーツではない。 われわれは、「スポーツ」を 単なる「競技」にはしない。 スポーツは自分を、人を、地球を、 社会をより良く育むことができる。 スポーツにはその力があるのだ。 スポーツに関わる全ての人と、 その叡智を分かち合う。 これがグリーンスポーツアライアンスの 目指す姿である。 [email protected]
5 Sport Environment Alliance (SEA) Australasia We empower sport to do more {for the world} with less {footprint}. #SEAthechange [email protected]
Organisation URL Region Mission Statement Contact Email

Sustainable Business Resources

A guide for businesses on how to Stage & Plan Green Events.