A New Era for Sport

Environmental concern and climate change are at the centre of public concern and political consciousness right now, and sport and nature are inextricably linked. In some cases the staging for our winter sports are literally disappearing.

Crucial early adopters have been working towards sport having a lower environmental footprint for decades, but a critical mass of sport properties globally are getting behind this effort right now.

Sport has never been in a more powerful position to harness the zeitgeist to drive change that will futureproof its own activities, positively impact the world for generations to come, and evolve the sports business model towards a more sustainable economic foundation.

Join us where the future of sport is built.

Who Attends?

Sport Positive Summit 2020 offers world-leading content and industry networking for those who operate in sport and understand:

- The potential of putting sustainability at the heart of sports business; to future proof operations, ensure long-term cost savings and bring the benefits of a halo effect to your brand
- The crucial leadership role sport can take to drive sustainable development

Including, but not limited to: Leagues, Clubs, Venues, Federations and Sports Bodies, Brands, Tournaments and Tours, Rights Holders, Associations, Solution Providers, Innovators, Government, UN Bodies, NGOs, Advocacy Groups.

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Counting Down

The next Sport Positive Summit is September 28-29 in Wembley Stadium, London. Sign up for updates and keep in touch.

Our Sport Positive Summit 2020 Partners

We appreciate and are proud to have partnered with these key organisations on the 2020 Sport Positive Summit.
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