Wembley Stadium, connected by EE

Wembley Stadium is located in the north-west of the city of London, about 6 miles from Paddington station, 7 miles from Marylebone station, and 8 miles from Kings Cross St Pancras and Euston station. You can easily access the stadium by London Underground, London Overground, train and bus; plan your journey here

Recently awarded the prestigious international standard of sustainability in events, ISO2021, England’s national stadium will be home to Sport Positive Summit 2020.

Aligning with the spirit of the Summit, notable achievements by Wembley Stadium include:

• Zero waste-to-landfill since 2010
• Donation of 27,825 Wembley Stadium event tickets to community groups in 2018
• Installation of 16 water bottle re-fill stations around the stadium
• Implementation of a sustainable procurement policy
• Completion of sustainability training for the stadium’s events team
• Introduction of a compulsory sustainability training module for all new joiners
• Introduction of vegetarian and vegan meal options in all areas
• Organisation of a partner’s sustainability day to facilitate cross-industry collaboration
• Donation of soil from Wembley Stadium to local parks as part of a re-generation initiative
• Supported the installation of electric vehicle charging points outside the stadium
• Providing all employees with reusable coffee cups and water bottles
• Piloting reusable cups and eliminating plastic straws

Wembley Stadium


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