#SportPositive Twitter Chat

Join our weekly #SportPositive Twitter Chat. Every Tuesday at 4-5pm UTC

Chat Notes & Instructions


July 7: Sport and Circular Economy PDF Notes

June 30: Sport and Sustainability Certification PDF Notes

June 23: Sport Emissions and Reporting/Publishing PDF Notes

June 16: Sport and Climate Education PDF Notes

June 9: Sport and Intersectional Environmentalism/Climate Justice PDF Notes

June 2: Chat cancelled for #BlackOutTuesday

May 26: Partnerships for Sport and Climate PDF Notes

May 19: The Future of Sport and How To Recover Better PDF Notes

May 12: Sport and Nature PDF Notes

May 5: Food – How Can Professional ‪Sports Support & Encourage Health and Wellness, as well as the Consumption of Less Carbon-Intensive Foods? PDF Notes

April 28: Sport and Clean Air PDF Notes

April 21: Sport and Single Use Plastic PDF Notes

April 14: How to Drive Sustainability Systemically in Your Sports Organisation PDF Notes

April 7: The Role of Athletes in the Fight Against Climate Change PDF Notes

March 31: How to Reach and Engage Sports Fans on Sustainability and Climate Change in a Credible and Meaningful Way. PDF Notes

March 24: How Can Sports Prioritise Sustainability Planning During the Coronavirus Events Hiatus, to Come Out Stronger When (the new) Normal Resumes? PDF Notes

Instructions on how to join every Tuesday

1. Make sure you are following @SportPosSummit and #SportPositive (set up a column if you use TweetDeck, or a tab if you HootSuite, that makes it super easy to follow)

2. At 4pm UTC (currently 9am PT/12noon ET/5pm BST/6pm CEST) open up your social feed and get ready to throw your thoughts into the discussion

3. Sport Positive Summit will outline a theme for the week, and some key questions – marked Q1, Q2, Q3 etc, then you answer that question with your tweet, using A1, A2, A3 etc

4. It’s crucial that everyone remembers to add #SportPositive hashtag to all tweets, so that content can be easily found/searched, and nothing is lost

5. We have a great community discussion for an hour

6. Sport Positive will put the key themes that come out of the discussion are put into a document, hosted above and  available for all – so the outcomes can be easily accessed Although this isn’t under Chatham House Rules (obviously!), key thoughts or outcomes won’t be attributed to individuals within this document

See you on Tuesday!